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Penel Optoelectronics Technology Co.,Ltd

In Oct, 2023, PENEL 1000W LED Sports lights (model:FL-1000W-NS07L) 152units were installed in a big soccer field in Azerbaijan.  The size of the filed is 105m long and 68m wide, with 4 poles, each pole is with 38pcs of 1000W sports lights installed , the installation height is from 32m to 38m . All the lights are with 15 degrees beam angle , as only narrow beam angle can make sure a long distance illumination at a high pole.  Finally the average illuminance reached 1233lux (perfect illuminace which meets standards of big matches ) , and with wonderful uniformity : U0 reached 0.87 and U1 reached 0.77 , and GR (glare) was only 39-42 . The customer is very happy with our Sports lights .  In the video they said only switched on 60% of the lights , still we can see the lighting effect is very nice .
In July, 2022, PENEL 1000W LED Sports lights (model no.: FL-1000W-NS07M) were installed in a professional swimming pool in Philippines.  Customer need the lighting effect compliant with FINA ( F édération  I nternationale de  N atation) lighting standards, and compliant with 4K HD live broadcast standards . We used 76 units with 45 degrees beam angle with CRI>90 , the final results completely reached the FINA standards : for workplane: average illuminance >2000 lux (result is 2114lux) , uniformity 0.35, GR<30 (result is 24-27) . After all 76 units installed , the customer is very satisfied with the lighting effect .
In Sep ,2021 , 220units of PENEL 1200W sports lights (model no.: FL-1200w-NS07M) were being used in the Biggest soccer filed in Czech with successful lighting effect : the Average luminance reaches 2118lux, Unformity reaches 0.78 ,and GR <50 , all have reached and even surpassed the UEFA Stadium Lighting standard "Elite level A" ---the highest standard level.
In Feb,2020, PENEL 250W Sports lights were used in ATP 250 (International Tennis Match World Tour) in Cordoba,  Argentina , with a very good lighting effect .  It's the 2nd time the ATP250 match use our lights .