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Penel Optoelectronics Technology Co.,Ltd

It's testing IES (light distribution) of the led light . The test must be in a professional dark room ,with the device “light-distribution photometer” . Such a dark room costs about 45,000 USD.  With it we can test our led fixtures freely , to generate the IES test report, then we can use Dialux software to simulate the lighting effect of all application, to check the luminance , uniformity, and glare , so work out the best lighting solution for customers.
LED sports lights are used outdoor so the reliable waterproof is very important . A IP66 structure housing is not enough , must plus the very serious seal technology during production. We use glue machine to put the silicon glue before and after putting the seal-ring of the lens , so the seal around lens can be really reliable and water won't go into from there . Some customers may don't like this way because they want to change different beam angle lens freely by themselves , but , trust me , not sealing well the lens will bring customer complaints sooner or later .
As a modern factory we have many advanced devices , like this "Air leak tester" , to test if the led light has good seal , so can make sure reliable waterproof . For outdoor lights , waterproof is very important.
The test principle is : input some air into the product from the hole for breather valve, then test the air pressure inside the product .
Now 100% of our product need pass this test before being shipped to customers.
Reliable waterproof is very important for outdoor lights.  From product structure design ,to good sealing technology during production , to full testing for each order,  the complete quality management system is the key to make sure.
Production ( Drilling and Tapping)  of the housing of our led sports light model FL-500W-NS07L . Welcome to visit us in China ---original manufacturer of led sports light, stadium light , street light , high bay light .
Our laser machine is laserprinting logo for customers.  We offer complete OEM services to help customers advertise their brands and make their brands seen by more and more people .
As a modern factory of led sports lights (led stadium lights), we own many advanced automatic production machines such as screw machines,  glue machines, high speed SMT machines etc , to make sure high efficiency and reliable quality.
Our high speed SMT machines are putting the led chips onto each pad of the PCB accurately and quickly, they work day and night . These modern machines have ensured our production efficiency and quality.